Shows 2018

15. - 17.6.2018 Nordic Open Int. B, Denmark

TM Lamborghini (Ascot DD - TM Laguna) - Classwinner

26. - 27.5.2018 Arabian Horse Festival Alsace, France

TM Lamborghini (Ascot DD - TM Laguna) - Classwinner

12. - 13.5. 2018 Austrian National and International B - Show

TM Lamborghini (Ascot DD - TM Laguna) - National Junior Bronze Champion

Big thanks to Tomasz Kotynski and Team!

TM Lancelot (Eden C - TM Laguna) - Classwinner and National Senior Bronze Champion

Dali did the impossible after only one month training! Big thanks, Dali und Monika!


06.8.2017 Kauber Platte Championat Int. B  Photos:

TM Lamborghini (Ascot DD - TM Laguna) - Classwinner and  Silver Junior Champion

Three times "20" for trot and a final score of 91,67, the highest score of all males and junior horses!

TM La Fenice (Porto - TM Laguna) - Classwinner and Gold Senior Champion

With 92,33 the highest score of the show, four times "20" for head/neck and trot!
Big Thanks to the great team of TK Arabians, Poland!

05.8.2017 Kauber Platte Championat Breeders Cup

SV Saphira (TM Aikor - SA Salina/Nahrouf) - Classwinner and Silver Senior Champion

O.: Sigrid Vetter, GER - Congratulations, dear Sigi!

TM Lamborghini (Ascot DD - TM Laguna) - Junior Gold Champion Colt  

TM Poker (TM Aikor - Passionata) - National Senior Gold Champion Stallion 
(unanimous decision)
TM Walerian (Lissar - TM Walijka) - Classwinner

Congratulations to the proud owners Mr. Adnan Mazloum and Mr. Talal Okli!
التهاني الحارة!

21.8.2016 Arabian Horse Show Reyak-Bekaa
TM Poker (TM Aikor - Passionata) - Junior Gold Champion Colt with 93,67 (highest score of the show)


20.8.2016 Araber Sommerfestival 
TM Paladin (Emerald J - TM Palaestra) - Foalchampion
TM Watson (Emfatyk - TM Walijka) - Junior Gold Champion Colt, Special Trophy for "Best Legs"
TM La Joya (Desant - TM Laguna) - Junior Gold Champion Filly, O.: Rainbow Arabians 


08.8.2016 Kauber Platte Championat, Int. B
TM Pearl of Eden (Eden C - TM Palaestra) - Liberty Champion


05.7.2016 VZAP Foal show
1. SW Walerija (TM Lancelot - TM Werona) - highest premium

Bred and owned by Sonja Wirth, GER


14. - 15.5.2016 Arabian Horse Show Beirut
TM Ligya (Lissar - TM Laguna) - 91,42 (highest score of the Show), Senior Bronze Champion 
Raghad (Emfatyk - TM Czattanooga) - Senior Silver Champion 
TM WalerianSenior Bronze Champion 


29. - 30.8.2015 Addington, GB  (A - Show)
Waliyya by AV Montoya - TM Walencia (Emfatyk - TM Walijka), breeder Eric Dorssers, NL, owner Mrs. E.Levell, GB,  Classwinner with 92,20 Punkten, Senior Silver Champion Mare (Gold : Multichampionesse Norma). Our congratulations!


23. - 24.8.2015 Araber Sommerfestival - ECAHO European Amateurshow

We are happy about our friends`success:

Fortino Ibn Aikor (TM Aikor - K.I.M.Forticia/K.I.M.My Destiny), owned and bred by T. Unterbuchberger, A - Foal Champion Res.
Harfica (Lotos - TM Havanna/Emfatyk), owned and bred by Vineyard Arabians, SVN - Classwinner, Junior Bronze Champion Filly
Lotos (TM Aikonos - TM Lawenda/Desant), owned by Vineyard Arabians, SVN - Classwinner, Senior Silver Champion Stallion, Liberty Champion Stallion

Also our horses did really well:

TM Pearl of Eden (Eden C - TM Palaestra/Emfatyk) - Classwinner, Junior Gold Champion Filly, Liberty Champion Filly
TM Lancelot (Eden C - TM Laguna/TM Aikor) -  Classwinner, Junior Gold Champion Colt
TM La Fenice (Porto - TM Laguna/TM Aikor) -  Classwinner, Senior Gold Champion Mare


6. - 7.8.2015 CHANTILLY 2015 AHO WORLD CUP

Waliya (AV Montoya - TM Walencia/Emfatyk) - 3rd place


23. - 24.7.2015 Arab Horse Show Beirut

Tania (Marwin Shah - MV Lakshmi/Lissar - TM Las Vegas) -  Classwinner, Gold Yearling Champion Filly
Raghad (Emfatyk - TM Czattanooga) - Silver Junior Champion Filly
TM Hestia (Lissar - TM Harmonie) - Silver Senior Champion Mare
TM Czattanooga (Desant - Czeczotka) - Bronze Senior Champion Mare
Hames (ZA Dolce Vita - TM Chilli) - 2nd place
TM Walerian (Lissar - TM Walijka) - Classwinner, Silver Senior Champion Stallion


16. - 17.5.2015 National Championship Wels

TM Warrior - Classwinner 
TM Palaestra - Classwinner